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AMM Ceramics brings to your home a package with recyclable and plastic-free materials. Each piece is fixed inside the double cardboard box with a filling of recyclable cornstarch and the labels are made of cotton cloth.
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At AMM Ceramics we take care of every last detail, each piece comes with a two-sided printed fabric label, the brand and the phrase in Spanish "From the earth to the hands, from the hands to your home".
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From the Balearic Islands series in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, FORMENTERA, handcrafted and finished in a matte white enamel preserving its texture, is an ideal bet for minimalist, modern and rustic spaces. Resistant high-temperature fired stoneware for outdoor spaces.
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The tallest in the Balearic series with 40 cm. high, the INCA model adapts to all environments, industrial, classic, rustic and modern. Invites you to decorate ...
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Inspired by the Balearic Islands, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, the 7 pieces that compose it are named after a town on the islands. Texture, enamel and color make them unique pieces. Completely handmade from Barcelona in an artisanal way, each piece is signed by the artist. Ideal for...