Modern ceramic orb vase in neutral tones, hand painted Wabi Sabi spherical vase. Ceramic vase for decoration in black and white


· h7.1 x 7.3 in (h.18 x ø18,5 cm.) approximately.

· High temperature stoneware. Fired at 1240 ºC (2.264 ºF) temperature.

· Signed piece.

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Add elegance to your decor with this modern ceramic orb vase. Hand-painted in Wabi Sabi style with neutral tones, this elegant black and white vase is perfect for a modern decor. Feel the warmth of a handmade artistic ceramic vase.

-Art ceramic vases-

This piece is part of the "Art ceramic vases". Spherical shapes with artistic brushstrokes of glaze or poured glaze where in some you can see the colour of the background mud. Some pieces may show traces of my fingers when I dip the piece in a glaze, a Japanese technique that remains as a testimony that it is handmade.

You take a unique piece!, I do not make any equal!

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