White rustic ceramic bowl for minimal decor, Modern sculpture vase Japanese style, Textured brutalist organic ceramic artwork


· h5.5 x 8.6 in (h.14 x ø22 cm.) approximately.

  h6.2 x 12.6 in (h.16 x ø32 cm.) approximately.

· Stoneware fired at high temperature 1240 ºC (2.264 ºF) without glaze, -nude series

· Natural and authentic organic product with white clay.

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Elevate your minimalist decor with a white rustic ceramic bowl, a modern sculpture vase inspired by Japanese style. This textured brutalist organic ceramic artwork adds a unique touch to your space.

The vase has a textured finish and is made of clay with chamotte in its natural state, without glaze.

Discover the magic of ceramics with basic and geometric shapes, inspired by the desert dunes. The piece captures the essence of nature, with soft, curved lines that evoke the ripples of golden sand. These one-of-a-kind creations blend the beauty of craftsmanship with a desert landscape filled with serenity and mystery. Feel the warmth of the sun caressing your skin and the whisper of the wind between the dunes, just as each dune is unique and never the same as another, like each one of us, each piece has its own personality and differences.

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Absolutely gorgeous

Absolutely gorgeous, I received it in the estimated time



Nice piece perfectly symmetrical and with a subtle texture. Good job