Japanese style sculpture vase for Zen decoration, retro ceramic vase home decor, vintage Japanese decorative vase


· h11 x 7.1 in (h28 x ø18cm.) approximately.

· High temperature stoneware. Fired at 1240º (2.264 ºF).

· Signed piece.


Japanese style sculpture vase for Zen or Feng shui decoration.

This decorative ceramic art vase in a timeless retro vintage design resembles the Japanese artists of the turn of the last century.

This vase from "Art ceramic vases" has been applied with a manganese oxide brush, part black and then dipped in glaze on both sides.

Timeless character ideal for all spaces, modern, rustic and minimalist.

-Art ceramic vases-

This piece is part of the "art ceramic vases".  With artistic brushstrokes of glaze or poured glaze where in some you can see the color of the background mud.

Some pieces may show traces of my fingers when I dip the piece in a glaze, a Japanese technique that remains as a testimony that it is handmade.

You take a unique piece!, I do not make any equal!.