FORMENTERA ceramic vase, artistic pottery, sculptural vase, home decor


· h13.8 x 13.8 in ( h.35 x ø 35 cm.) approximately.

· Matte white vase.

· High temperature stoneware. Fired at 2264 ºF (1240 ºC). 

· Signed piece.

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Small imperfections are part of the beauty of handcrafted pieces. No two pieces are exactly alike, and that makes them special, as with the enamel applied, This is the most impressive sculpture vase I have for several reasons, its size and its minimalism with its matte white finish, my clients were impressed and it exceeded their expectations, feel its weight in your hands, the photos do not reflect the ceramic you see!

Born in Barcelona, the Balearic Islands series gives each vase the name of an island city and is inspired by Mediterranean design.

IBIZA is a beautiful typical Mediterranean city with its coastal towns of white houses, the IBIZA vase is inspired by its landscapes, the blue vase opening, the color of the sea and the exterior with an intense white sculpted by the Mediterranean light.

Feel the immensity of the sea, the senses are awakened while the breeze caresses the skin, the rhythmic waves calm the ears and the infinite horizon evokes a deep sensation of freedom and tranquility.

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