Àlvar Martínez

Hello, I'm Àlvar. I enjoy working with the earth to create works of art that can beautify a space in your home. From my workshop in Barcelona I make sculptures and artistic vases.

I trained as a sculptor in 1995, and previously studied graphic design at the "Llotja" School of Applied Arts and Artistic Crafts, the same school where Picasso and Miró trained. The combination of these disciplines influences my style, which is characterized by minimalist sculptures with austere and mostly nude forms. I do not use glaze, so that the natural baked earth can be seen and touched.

For many years I worked as a graphic designer, which I enjoyed, but I have a greater passion for sculptural ceramics.

I have already created an extensive collection of decorative ceramics and am currently focusing more on abstract sculpture. My sculptures and ceramic vessels will tell you about fields carved with earth colors from the abstract balls series, inspiration from the sea to create a personal representation of a sea shell, what we feel when walking through the forest and then I materialize it in my work, My source of creation is nature, finding beauty in simple shapes and capturing it in my ceramics.

Each piece I create is unique and unrepeatable, it is not an identical copy of another made in series. I invest hours of work and dedication in each sculpture made by hand without molds, which makes it something special, my intention is that my work makes you feel good and brings positive energy to your space. They are timeless pieces that adapt to all spaces, for a rustic, boho and modern decoration.